First Blog Post

I was having coffee with a writer friend, and I took the opportunity to moan. I stated that I hadn’t read or watched anything very good for a long time and it was depressing me, and, making it hard to write. Doubtless, I was hoping my friend would be having a similar experience, that she would empathise, and I would feel comforted by another individual sharing my world view. But that is not what happened. She was surprised that this state of affairs was making it hard for me to produce work, as, surely feeling one can do better than what one is reading is a confidence boost. I tried to explain why stories I enjoy motivate me more than stories I don’t, but couldn’t. She remained locked in her own observation, and the two of us ended up feeling some frustration at the other’s lack of understanding.

The reason I could not properly express what the effect is that great stories have on me, is that I don’t understand it myself.  So, that’s what I wish to explore. I intend to blog about stories that inspire me, and in doing so try to learn why their influence on me is so profound.

Therefore, it is my hope that this blog will be a kind of story in itself, as each post brings me closer to comprehending the human need for stories.

So I have set myself some rules: 1/ I will be blogging under the assumption that all works are flawed, but that here is not the place to criticise, here is only the place to critique why and how something works. 2/ Any and all, old and new, storytelling products are up for analysis. 3/ This blog’s overarching purpose is to consider the nature of storytelling as a form of communication.

I very much hope you will find something here that may be of interest to you.


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